Our conference sponsors help make the event a success! Learn more about their impact and their part in legal marketing below.

Mondaq is a leading global provider of AI-enabled content marketing, data, and analytics solutions for professional services firms.  Mondaq powers your business development success through client, prospect and market insights based on our global audience of senior-level decision makers.

How do you best add value to the clients you serve?

Mondaq provides client value in  a number of ways, of which we’ve highlighted three below:

The first is the huge additional reach and awareness we are able to provide our clients through hosting their content on Mondaq as well as distributing client content via other leading global providers of professional information, including Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Wolters Kluwer, Dow Jones and Bloomberg . There are over 20 million users who visit Mondaq.com yearly and over 1 million registered users viewing content on our platform. By having their content on Mondaq.com, the firm’s content and brand is massively amplified compared with hosting it purely on their own platforms.

The second value add is Mondaq’s ability to provide readership intelligence back to our clients, identifying factors such as country, industry, company and name of the individual who has been reading their content. This readership intelligence, in the form of data and analytics, is provided back to our clients in a modern analytics platform, which allows them to identify trends and provides actionable data to help power their marketing and business development success.

The third value add is the ability to automate processes and integrate data via Mondaq’s new API, which easily integrates with client CRMs, data visualization tools and other applications – including Passle’s content marketing platform.

What have your favorite clients said about you?

“I highly recommend Mondaq’s comprehensive syndication platform for their reach, their client service, and their value. Their analytics are head and shoulders above the competition- and provide actionable insights that have directly yielded new business for our firm.” Mike Mellor – Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Pryor Cashman

“I am an avid reader of Mondaq’s commercial and legal content and a frequent contributor of content related to my legal practice, including its upcoming Comparative Guide on Dominance (Monopoly). I highly recommend Mondaq’s comprehensive commercial and legal platform for its breadth, service, and overall value. Its analytics are superior to its competitors.” Todd R. Seelman – Managing Parter, Lewis Brisbois

Why did you decide to be a key sponsor of the conference?

North America is an extremely important focus for Mondaq.  With over 5 million users in the region (over 20 million users worldwide) and a significant Mondaq client base, including 25 of the world’s 50 largest law firms. A presence at the LMA Northeast is a great opportunity to showcase our ability to help regional and international clients, broaden their reach to North American and global audiences of senior-level decision makers.  Mondaq’s new data and analytics platform delivers leads, insights and helps our clients to build relationships, in so doing powering clients’ marketing and business development outcomes.  A long-standing partnership with the LMA helps us to connect and re-connect with many of our existing and prospective clients.

What is something new and different about your company that conference attendees may not yet know?

We have very recently launched our new Mondaq Analytics platform, which takes advantage of Mondaq’s in-house data science expertise to bring usage data into a greatly enhanced user interface and bringing actionable intelligence to our customers to enable faster decision making. We have also recently launched the Mondaq API which allows for the integration of the data available to customers in the Mondaq Analytics platform into third party applications such as CRMs or consolidated Analytics platforms.