Our conference sponsors help make the event a success! Learn more about their impact and their part in legal marketing below.

How do you best add value to the clients you serve?

We help firms see who you know (complete contact details), how you know them (relationship intelligence), and, then with that information, collaborate together on working those relationships. (workspaces and project management).

What have your favorite clients said about you?

Client Testimonials Here: https://nexl.cloud/wall-of-love/

Why did you decide to be a key sponsor of the conference?

The Legal Marketing Northeast is a key hub within the great LMA organization; always happy to support.

What is something new and different about your company that conference attendees may not yet know?

Nexl has been a remote-always company since day 1. We are now across 5 continents with employees in over 15 countries. It’s been a challenge but we’ve managed to make it work and have created a lot of assets and systems to facilitate that.